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This is Why Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Queen Elsa Gets an Arrest Warrant for Real!

The cold never bothered Frozen’s Queen Elsa of Arendelle, but it sure bothered the citizens of Harlan, Kentucky. And this is seriously both funny and alarming at their circumstance.

In a Facebook post of the Harlan City Police Department, a warrant for Queen Elsa’s arrest was issued because of the kind of cold that blows in the city. The ice queen is accused of the crime of being responsible for the city’s freaking and freezing cold front, which is absolutely a 10-degree weather!

Here is a screen grab of the said Facebook post.



The police department, however, followed up the phony warrant of arrest with a serious warning for the citizens of Harlan to stay away from dangerous and slippery icy roads and stay warm inside their homes as much as possible.

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