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WATCH: These Unconventional Haircuts for the Homeless will show you that “We Are All The Same”

Hey chum. Have you ever thought that what keeps you apart from a homeless man or woman on the street is a secured source of income, a decent haircut and a refreshing bath? Are we really different from those people?

Here is a practical answer my friend.

In a video that went viral all over the the internet last month, barbers Tim Doma and Terrance Fines unconventionally give free haircuts for the homeless in a Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. In the video, four men were trimmed and shaved, for free!

As the viral video unfolds, we see that after some nicks and clips, the four were far more different from what they appeared on the first part of the video. More likely, they seem ready for a job interview or a pose in the camera, like they turned into some celebrity or whatever.

The video’s producer, Tyler Bridges, says in an interview that he has great hope in removing the humiliation of being a nobody or a homeless folk. He strongly encourages that no one is particularly different in status and the idea of being a homeless individual can happen to anyone.

Haircuts for the homeless? Not bad for starting a change in the community, right?

Written by dailypedia


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