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Chinese man gives more than 147 blood transfusions in a decade to save her wife’s life

How far can you sacrifice in the name of love?

A resident from Changchun, Jilin Province has been transferring over 147 blood donations in the past 10 years to help her wife survive.

Xu Wenwu’s wife suffers from anemia and myasthenia, an autoimmune disease.

Doctors told Wang Xiaoying, Xu Wenwu’s wife that she needs regular blood transfusion, which would cost more than the family’s earning.

Wu got to know about the blood donation policy that allows spouse of the donator to use blood for free given that his or her spouse can donate a certain amount of blood.

Since he has discovered that they have the same blood type, his blood have had become his wife life support over the years.

Certificates of blood donation spread all over Xu's bed. The date of Xu's first blood donation was in 1998.
Certificates of blood donation spread all over Xu’s bed. The date of Xu’s first blood donation was in 1998.

“I used to give blood as a good deed, now I do it so that my wife could live longer”, said Xu.

Xu, an electrician, has been hopping from job to job for years because every after getting a call from his wife, he will go home immediately even if he is working outside.

Xu looks after his wife at home.
Xu looks after his wife at home.

Wang does not need blood transfussion to live, but Xu said he will continue to offer his blood to those who are in need.

Changchun blood station, recorded over 147 donations by Xu.

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