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Yellow Cab customer finds cockroaches on pizza

A Yellow Cab customer posted in Reddit his unfortunate experience with the popular pizza chain. After ordering  Manhattan Meatlovers and Roasted Garlic and Shrimp variants from its branch in Mckinley Hills, Taguig City, he later found out that there were cockroaches stuffed in the crust of the pizza.

According to his claim, he ordered the pizzas before New Year – Manhattan Meatlovers for himself and Roasted Garlic and Shrimp for his girlfriend. He then ate his share as he could not wait for his girlfriend to arrive home anymore. He placed his girlfriend’s pizza in the fridge and went to bed to sleep. The day after, he got a message from his girlfriend showing images of cockroaches in the pizza.

Photo Credit: Reddit User Wuzzie

Read his full post in Reddit below:

Before New Year i placed an order from Yellow Cab just like any other day.

Two separate ones:

Roasted Garlic and Shrimp for my girlfriend, and Manhattan Meatlovers for myself.

The pizzas arrived and i was waiting for my gf to get home. But i was impatient and ate mine before she got home. I placed hers in the ref so it would not go bad. And it was late with work the day after so i went to bed.

The day after as i was at work she vibered me asking if i had finished my pizza or “thrown it away”

I told her that i finished it the day before. And that´s when she showed me the crust of hers…


My stomach turned… as i saw the pictures. What if my pizza also had this in it?

I told her to call the branch. She did. They sent someone out to “inspect” the pizza.

They verified their wrong doing, and had brought her a pasta as compensation. They were also going to contact the manager of the branch and investigate the incident.

I tried to contact Yellow cab through their website (i managed to locate a contact-page, but the form did not have a valid email so it bounced back to my inbox)

I contacted them through facebook, and they promised to bring this up with managment and call me back.

I asked them to email me instead as i was not always able to get the phone. “Sure. We will email you”

10 minutes later they are trying to call me. And then nothing more.

I´m just asking for a refund of my pizza´s. Not to have them shut down the branch..

But instead they offer me more food? From the same branch? (Mckinley Hills in Taguig, btw)

I would like this to be a warning and perhaps check the crust before chomping down on your next slice.

TL;DR: Yellow Cab offer free cockroaches in the pizzacrust. Not a big seller.

Photo Credit: Reddit User Wuzzie

This isn’t the first time that a customer complained about having something unwanted added in an ordered food. While this could be an isolated case, the customer who shared this experience only wanted to be refunded for the order. The mentioned Yellow Cab branch gave a pasta as a compensation though.

Photo Credit: Reddit User Wuzzie

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