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Warner Music Philippines launches newest talent: Aleph and Sud

Warner Music Philippines, one of the respected record label in the Philippines, is back with their newest breed of artists. As they always believe in helping new talented musicians to be in the limelight. Warner Music is back as they launched their newest stars namely Aleph and Sud band.

Aleph was never a popular kid on her growing years yet the influenAlephce of music is very strong. She’s always being misunderstood. She writes her own song and even collaborates with some musicians. Her vocal quality is  a mix of acoustic and jazz.

During the presscon, she defined her music as pop that everyone is going to love. She wanted people to know her as a singer with originality so, she is currently experimenting her music.

Another new talent of Warner is the Sud band, taken from the name of their vocalist Sud. SUD band is composed of Sud Ballecer on vocals and guitar, Marc Reyes on bass, Jimbo Cuenco on drums, Gelo Acosta on lead guitar, Carlos dela Fuente on sax and Kohl Aguilar on keyboard. The band is a mix of ammo and hum to originals that will make you both wonder and understand at the same time.


Last year, SUD released its first single and music video for “Smilky” which caught a lot of attentions of music lovers. The band said during the interview that their music is a mix of pop and sexy groove of music.

During their contract signing, they said that they are planning to release a single song in digital and cd format soon with the help of their manager Enzo Valdez under Warner Music Philippines.


Meanwhile, Aleph and SUD band are currently having their regular acoustic gigs at Route 196, 19 East, Saguijo and etc while working on their album soon.

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