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Miss Universe 2015 Fearless Forecast, Philippines’ bet Mary Jean Lastimosa eyeing to bag the crown

With barely one day to go before the 63rd edition beauty pageant presents the top 15 which will then run down to 5, only one will blow the rest of the field and stand out from the rest of the peers.

In the much-delayed and super-awaited battle of the coronation night for Miss Universe, online fearless forecasts have set their own beauty queen who will reign among the candidates on January 25 in Doral, Florida.

As the contest is widely approaching, the Philippines’ own Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa is pinched to emerge as one of the frontrunners.

As a matter of fact, early ranking reveals Pinoy-raised beauty MJ Lastimosa to stand as the absolute winner rated by

Venture Capital Post, among the 88 candidates from around the globe, sees Miss Philippines to be the loudest, brightest among the rest.

“With the help of her Filipino fans, Miss Universe Philippines seems to be running towards the top. Aside from the large fan-base, the runner-up winning streaks of the Philippines’ delegates from 2010 to 2013 have been hard not to notice. Concerning such, it is inevitable not to consider the Filipina beauty winning the coveted crown.” the site added.

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In MissUniversePageant Hotspot’s post, as what they promised, the site has finally come up with its first play-off prediction closes to happen in reality.

This is grounded by Doral correspondents, insiders, from some candidates, and beauty pageant afficionados as they based their insights on contestants’ performances, stance, and personality strengths.

“At first we thought that it was all because of her gazillion supporters that made her a sensation, but she really is defining the word “hype” and she’s worth every single letter of it. She’s very queenly and sweet at the same time: CLASSY. No wonder why her supporters have been going gaga over her and even have been having all her photos flooding all over the net. She was MIA upon arrival, but came out strong later on and proved herself to be the one to beat. If she doesn’t place, we don’t know who will,” MJ’s description the site noted.

MJ Lastimosa’s stint in the coming Miss Universe Pageant , is quiet close in bagging the crown, will end up as one of the frontrunners as Psychic Astrid read her fortune in vying to wear the new DIC crown.

“People like the way she moves and her intelligence. Furthermore, she has something mysterious around her and when she smiles, it seems, that she has a wonderful hidden secret. This makes the people curious, and they want to discover, what is behind these nice eyes and her wonderful smile.”

“Her appearance is very attractive and she has enough power and energy to keep this level of engagement until the end of the competition – but the other girls are also very beautiful and so it will be a very hard fight.”

“I see her on the stairs of success – but not as number one – in the cards I see the number 2 or 3,” Astrid concluded.

Psychic August predicted the same outcome though,” Although coming quite close to bagging the much coveted title, but not winning it, she will become an instant celebrity in the Philippines, like the previous Miss Universe bets – SISIKAT SIYA! She’ll get hero’s welcome, an audience with the president, addressing the Senate and Congress. Modeling contracts, hosting, and bits of acting offers, numerous commercial endorsements, will come her way. Thus a new Filipina Star is born!”

Meawhile, Here is Lastimosa’s official interview which was reported to garner the most number of page views, said by

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