Man thrown from roof; ISIS’ death punishment for being gay

Traumatic photographs show the final moments of a man before he was thrown from the roof  as a punishment of being a gay.

Two photos show an unidentified man, hands tied and being held by ISIS militants, readying him to push into death from the top of the building in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

A masked Islamic State fighter reads the charges against the man through his handheld radio.

Allegedly the man was announced as guilty of engaging in homosexual activities and should be punished by death in accordance with Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Sharia law.

Another photo shows the large crowd gathered to watch the brutal punishment for being gay.

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One photograph has a caption that says the man had committed a crime of “the people of Lot.” It means that the man allegedly committed an act of sodomy, and was ‘thrown from a high place’ as a punishment.

It was reported that ISIS has carried out barbaric punishment of homosexuals in Syria, Iraq November last year where two men stoned to death in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Another incident last December, an alleged gay man was persecuted through throwing off from a rooftop stoned to death for committing an act of blasphemy.

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