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How Would You React When You See Two Men Hold Hands In Public?

United Kingdom – Iain Lee and Justin Dealey of BBC Three Counties Radio decided to do a social experiment by walking down the street while holding each other’s hands. Their objective: To change the crowd’s views on homosexuality.

This came after a gay man called their show and said that he was a victim of homophobic abuse in their area.

While doing the experiment, the two male radio presenters were surprised at the people’s response. It was more of rejection and hatred.

In one of the scenes in the clip, a man steered his child away from them.

In the last part, Lee and Dealey is seen talking to a mom and a teenager when they heard him whisper, “urgh!”

“I thought it was disgusting…I just think it’s wrong for two men, I just think it’s disgusting in my opinion,” says the guy.

At the end of the video, the presenters said they certainly felt uncomfortable. “If I was a girl holding your hand there would be nothing.”

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