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Father Tries To Bury His Daughter Alive For Being A Girl

India – A father was beaten by his neighbors for attempting to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive!

According to Express, Abdul Hussein’s alleged effort to kill his helpless daughter is because she is a girl.

While Hussein’s wife was not in the house, he dug a pit in their family back garden and put his daughter in the hole with her hands tied and mouth taped.

When he has filled the hole at chest level, his wife returned home.

To cover what he was doing, he put a bamboo basket over the child’s head.

Luckily, the mother became worried and asked their neighbors to search for the girl.

They found the terrified school girl and were able to set her free.

As for the father, the neighbors placed justice into their hands and beat him up before calling the police.

Based on their investigation, the Tripura cops believed the suspect planned to finish the job later.

The sick father was then charged with attempted murder.

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