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Chinese grannies take drugs to kill time

A group of Chinese people aging around 50 years old were sent to jail after finding out that they are taking drugs at a KTV room in a hotel in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province earlier this month, reported by

The adult partygoers began sipping drugs at a birthday last April and that where it started. Normally, they pay bills evenly, with everyone spending 4,000 RMB at every meet-ups.

Unknown by their families, they pretended to attend a sport meeting. To fight loneliness is the primary cause why they gathered in the KTV drug parties.

Authorities got to know that most of the 20 involved in the case had kbeen neighbors and friends for years now.

Investigations reported that the youngest is 38 years old and the oldest is 54.

According to the news, majority of them are housewives who take care of their grandchildren or a couch potato all day long.

Their sorts of happiness are playing cards, singing karaoke or taking ketamine, apparently.

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