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Want FREE Meal? A Restaurant In China Offers Discounts for Overweight Men and Underweight Women

China –  Businessmen are devising unique ways to gain more customers to dine in at their restaurants.


For example, the owner of Na Huo eatery encourage their diners to weigh first before ordering to know whether they get discounts for their orders.

For women, you have to be underweight to enjoy a discounted meal. The less you weigh the more discounts the restaurant offers. If you weigh below 34.5 kilos, then you don’t have to pay for your food.

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For men, however, you need to be fatter and heavier. The more you weigh the more discounts you get. But if reach to more than 140kg you will be given a FREE meal.

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According to the restaurant, as quoted from their website:

 Na Huo restaurant cares about fat people and thin people. Bring your fat or thin friends, eat for free.

Meanwhile, another restaurant in Shanghai also offers the same promo but they are more focused on targeting tall diners. Customers with various heights are entitled to different discounts. Cool!

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