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WATCH:The Best Husband’s Surprise Anniversary Gift Ever! Not once!

A lot of impeccable and extravagant wedding proposals catch million views online. But most couples after marriage, started out giving special vows but then creating cliche-let’s-live-like-this in one roof. Oftentimes, some couples lose interest in their social lives after marriage. But Derrick is the man!

Derrick Paulson, a lovely husband who can pull off great surprises, warped a fantastic idea to fly to Europe for the celebration of their 5th anniversary as a couple. This maybe one of the the best husband’s surprise anniversary gift ever!

It’s started out as a usual day asking Dana where she’s heading. He said to her wife, “You dont actually run to go to work today,I gonna go work neither.” Handing her 20 euros, “you’ll definitely gonna need this coz [we’ll] runaway to the airport. Happy Anniversary, 5 years!” He added.

Dana looks so puzzled and blurt out, “Could have been serious?”.”Yeah we gonna need that, go pack your bag.” Derrick exclaimed. She cannot hide her excitement and let to embrace her husband.

The video was posted nearly 2 year-old now yet still gaining million of views across the globe.It has now 3 million views! This wasn’t the first time that Derrick suprised his wife with a vacation.

In their first year, he told her that they were going to eat lunch at Chop Steakhouse & Bar. Instead, he took her to the airport for a waiting surpise cruise in Bahamas. This video kicked more than half a million views.

“That’s the one that kind of started it off. I got some people who started to follow me on YouTube after that. When they saw the second one, they were like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe he did it again,’” Derrick said.

The video has gone viral and has been featured in different programs globally. The couple was amazed by how it continues to widely spread.

“I’ve kind of set the bar now. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do for our 10-year anniversary,” Derrick said.

Written by dailypedia

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