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Teacher Smashed 7-Year-Old Boy’s Head Against The Wall Because His Parents Couldn’t Pay For His School Fees

Bareilly, India –  A head instructor is blamed for battering his student to death because his guardians couldn’t stand to pay his school charges.

A furious group of locals stormed the school and started assaulting staff after news spilled that a teacher had crushed a seven-year-old kid’s head into a divider when told his guardians were attempting to set aside money to pay the school.

As per reports, 47-year-old head educator Avinash Saraswat, became angry when student Mohammed Aarai told him that his guardians had not paid the 4,500 rupee (£45 GBP) charge for two months. Though they could not yet afford the fee, they were setting aside to eventually pay in full.

Saraswat then snatched the kid by the hair, pummeled his head against his office divider before whipping him until he passed out.

The poor boy was brought to a hospital by another school staff where he was pronounced dead.

“The boy had been severely beaten and had terrible injuries,” said the hospital spokesman.“When we told the pair who had brought him in that he was dead they immediately left, taking the body with them, and we contacted the police.”

It was later reported that Saraswat had evidently dumped the body by the side of the street before coming back to the school as though nothing had happened.

Instructor Harish Khan said they did not know what had happened so when the angry family along with other people stormed the school and started punching them and smashing up the classrooms, they panicked.

“They were seriously angry and demanding justice. It was only when I asked what had happened that they told me. I was disgusted as well and can understand the anger,” he said.

Maneka Gandhi, an MP and clergyman for ladies and youngster welfare said, “The school principal should be immediately arrested. The administration should crack down against such schools which are so insensitive to children. I will personally instruct local authorities to take stringent measures to ensure that such things do not take place in future.”

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