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Manny Pacquiao wins over Chris Algieri who gets knocked down SEVERAL TIMES!

The fight begins

How they look before the jabs begin…



Round 1:

The first round is too simple – with not much punches thrown, though Pacquiao was hit in the face. For now, though, boxing analysts give the round to Pacman.



Round 2:

Pacquiao fans are screaming as Algieri appears to be knocked down close to the ropes at one corner. The Pacman is clearly dominating this round.


Round 3

The Pacman hits Algieri with hard shots for a couple of times, causing the younger boxer to almost go on the ropes in pain. Call this “saved by the ropes”.



Round 4:

Algieri is clearly moving backwards now, going away from Pacquiao’s heavy blows. His long legs are carrying him far but the Pacman is moving forward, not giving him a lot of space to run.


Round 5:

Algieri is doing better during this round but Pacquaio is still dominating clearly.


Round 6:

Three official knockdowns counted by this round – including one where Algieri made a BACKFLIP! OMG!


after the BACKFLIP
after the BACKFLIP

Round 7:

Algieri still moving away from Pacquaio – and he should! Those punches are mean!

Round 8:

The round is almost uneventful. Though some punch combinations landed on both boxers but the Pacman is truly the dominant boxer in this match. Algieri clearly going backwards.

Round 9

Another knockdown on the 9th round! Whew!


Round 10:

Excellent round for Pacman again. Another knockdown against Algieri!



Round 11:

Algieri is having hard time landing punches on Pacquiao but he is doing his best to stay out of harm’s way by carefully stepping backwards, away from the power punches!

round 11


Round 12:

This fight is coming to an end. No major punches or knockdowns in this round but Pacquiao continues to pounce on Algieri, trying to give it his best to the very end. There’s no telling what the younger man would do, so he clearly wants to make a clear win up to the last second.

round12 round12-2





Rocky and The Terminator visit the Pacman before his fight with Algieri!!!
Rocky and The Terminator visit the Pacman before his fight with Algieri!!!


During the official weigh-in, Manny Pacquiao was able to hit the scales at 143.8 lbs – within the catch weight of 144 lbs. Meanwhile, Chris Algieri initially weighed 144.2 lbs. He was given 2 hours to shed off the extra weight but was able to achieve 143.6 lbs on second try, 30 minutes later.

Photo credit: Yahoo! Sports
Photo credit: Yahoo! Sports

Official weigh-in results

Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao (143.8) vs. Chris Algieri (144.2)*

Flyweight: Zou Shiming (112) vs. Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym (112)

Featherweight: Vasyl Lomachenko (126) vs. Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo (126)

Junior Welterweight: Jessie Vargas (140) vs. Antonio DeMarco (139.3)


Jessie Vargas Wins via Unanimous Decision over Antonio DeMarco

One-handed Vasyl Lomachenko Wins over Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo, Retains WBO Featherweight Title

Black-eyed Zou Shiming wins in unanimous decision over Pacquiao-lookalike Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym

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