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Bionic Boots Will Make You Run Up To 25 Miles Per Hour

When Keahi Seymour was young, he has always been fascinated by how fast and effortless ostriches run. Imagine reaching speeds of 40mph, covering up to 16ft in a single stride! Surely the world’s fastest running bird ever recorded.

With this idea, the San Francisco inventor created a prototype gadget that he says will let people have the ability to reach incredible speeds like an ostrich.

For several years, Seymour has produced a number prototype of what he calls, the Bionic Boots. With attached springs on the back intended to duplicate the Achilles tendon of the fastest bird or kangaroo, it gives the person more down force when running.


screengrab from dailymail
screengrab from dailymail

A month ago, he showcased the capabilities of his Bionic Boots to the Maker Faire in New York. The device can reach up to 25 mph or 40 km/h, the same speed a slow-moving car produces.

Seymour vowed not to stop until he outruns some of Earth’s fastest land animals, reports PopSci.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time a device was invented copying the gait of an ostrich or kangaroo. Not long ago,  there were bouncing boots that costs around $265, claiming to transform wearers into a human kangaroo.

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