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OFW in Trouble with Saudi Authorities over Sexy FB Posts

An OFW working in Saudi Arabia is believed to be in trouble with authorities after sexy photos she posted on Facebook reached the Ministry of Interior to the Committee for the Command of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, reports RachFeed.

The report mentioned one Daisy Quezon San Miguel as ‘informant’ who posted the supposed letter from the Ministry plus four of the alleged sexy photos posted by a certain ‘Charmine Chou’ on Facebook.  San Miguel warned Facebook users not to post lewd images on the social media site, especially those who are working and living in countries with strict laws against nudity.

Photo credit: RachFeed
Photo credit: RachFeed

Saudi Arabia is known for its strict Sharia laws, which prohibit nudity, promiscuous acts, and possession of pornographic materials, in whatever form it might be. It is even believed that Saudi continually censors social media sites to prevent leakage of such material into the country.

Actions are reportedly being taken against Charmine by the authorities, though the Facebook groups where she had belonged to were already deactivated. What’s quite surprising is that despite talks of her being targeted by Saudi officials, Charmine’s FB page is still active; neither did she take down the sexy photos she posted there.

Click here to see more photos of Charmine.

Charmine is a social experiment

Blogger Coolbuster posted screenshots of lengthy ‘explanations’ made by a Suzy Bautista on Facebook, which tried to downplay the incident.  According to Bautista, she was only using sexy photos of Charmine as part of a ‘case study’, similar to a social experiment, to check how people would react.


Photo credit: Facebook/Charmine Chou
Photo credit: Facebook/Charmine Chou

The study supposedly aims to ‘decipher the kind of people that they are, according to how they comment and like certain posts’. Bautista arrived to a disappointing conclusion that ‘people easily judge others’.

Perhaps, Bautista was merely referring to the fact that Charmine is a mature, aged woman who posted the sexy photos. Netizens are fond of photo and video scandals of beautiful, popular figures but cases like Charmine’s and Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao are frowned upon because of their less favorable outer appearance.

So, was Charmine really just a ‘case study’? If Bautista is telling the truth about the case study she is supposedly doing for her masteral degree, then she achieved something good: she finally nailed just how people would react. She could pass her course with flying colors. Congratulations!

Now, how about Charmine? If San Miguel was also telling the truth, that the Saudi ministry is planning to arrest Charmine, didn’t Bautista just place the OFW in danger?

Photo credit: Facebook/Charmine Chou
Photo credit: Facebook/Charmine Chou

Bautista claimed on her FB page [I am Mah Yeen] that they consulted lawyers and had the approval of her professors on the matter – how could all these people be all wrong all at once???

She said the lawyers back her up on this, saying Saudi could not arrest Charmine because they had no legal ground on the issue because the photos were just posted on Facebook and they could not prove she took those sexy pics within Saudi soil – now, is she so sure about that?

She also kept insisting that Charmine won’t be held accountable by the Saudi government over the lewd images.

Photo credit: FB page [I am Mah Yeen]/Coolbuster
She admitted she is studying in the Philippines, not in Saudi, yet never once did she say if Charmine was really in Saudi or was just a ‘fictional character’ they created to make it appear like she is in the foreign country but is actually in the Philippines, too.

Social experiment, case study, whatever term you might want to call this issue, we are all hoping that Charmine – the real person whose photo appears on the FB page – won’t be harshly punished in Saudi for the sake of one masteral student’s mistake. I shudder at the thought of the kind of punishment she could receive in the hands of overzealous Saudi police officers!

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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