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52-Year-Old Grandma is Philippines’ Bet to Mrs. World 2014

MANILA – 52-year-old Marlan Sabbon Manguba will be the Philippines’ candidate for Mrs. World 2014.

Maintaining a stunning figure of 35-25-35 amidst her age, she said her very motivation in joining the prestigious pageant is from Ms. World 2013 winner Megan Young, whom she considers as the perfect quintessence of a woman.

In an interview, she says “If they would just look at me, I am a package of how the Filipinos are and what the Philippines is all about,”

Manguba, having five children and one grandchild, underwent painstaking preparations for the international competition. She humbly asked for the support and prayers of the Filipino people around the globe.

The said pageant will take place in Solomon Islands in Maryland in USA on November 18.

Written by dailypedia

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