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PNP advises Public to Secure Copy of IRF in Reporting Crime Incident

The Philippine National Police is advising the public to always secure a copy of their IRF or the Incident Record Form after reporting a crime incident to all Police Stations.

IRF is an accountable form to be filled out by a complainant which contains data provided by the Desk Officer pertaining to the complainant, victim or suspect, and including the narrative details of the incident.

The IRF becomes an official document once it is signed by the investigators and the reporting person in which the information contained will be immediately recorded in the police blotter, uploaded to the Crime Incident Reporting System (CIRS) database, and becomes the first document included in the case folder.

According to the Chief PNP, Police Director General Alan La Madrid Purisima, the use of IRF is implemented in all police stations and offices with investigative functions.

“The implementation of Crime Incident Reporting System will ensure the gathering and inclusion of all crime data that are reported in the police station into the said database. This is why the Incident Record Form is very important to both reporting citizen and to us in the PNP.” said Chief PNP.

CIRS is an electronic database system that facilitates crime documentation and systematic data storage and retrieval. The system presents a quick, fast and reliable transmission of crime information from lower police units and offices of the PNP to the National Headquarters.

“All police stations and units with investigative functions is equipped with CIRS-installed computers which will be the source of a nationwide database of crime incidents. It is part of our efforts to further provide our people with ‘true crime reporting’ this is why IRF is very important to be kept by both complainant and our investigators” PDG Purisima added.

In the case of crime incidents which was reported to the police but referred back to the barangay, the report must clearly indicate whether the case is amicably settled, under investigation or referred back to the police with a certification to file action. (PNP-PIO)

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