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Indian Teenage Girl Survived After Body Was Pierced With Iron Rods

Death Defied: A 17 year-old Indian girl fell off from the roof of a building construction site and landed on popped-up iron rods in a cement pillar,  piercing through her body in the belly and thigh area.

Her family then rushed to cut the rods and to bring her to the nearest hospital. Three rods were successfully removed from the girl’s body after a delicate and crucial 5-hour operation.

The doctor, Dr K.N. Sinha, said that the patient showed rare courage and did not display any signs of panic. The hospital administration stated that the credit of the girl’s survival should also go to herself because her own courage motivated the doctors to do everything that they can in order to save her.

It was a great relief that this teenage girl survived and is now doing fine. Accidents may actually be just around the corner for anyone. Be extra careful, and take safety precautions at all times. 

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