Transgender Child’s Video Explanation Goes Viral

Random Youtube video goes extremely viral as it goes over simply a young girl’s journey in being a transgender man.

The seven-minute video tells the journey of a six-year-old transgender child, Ryland Whittington, who was biologically born a girl. However, according to her parents, the child began insisting she was a boy the moment she could speak.

The viral video’s narrative give details that Ryland’s parents, Jeff and Hillary Whittington, learnt at Ryland’s first birthday that their daughter was tone-deaf. Once being fashioned with a cochlear implant and started learning to hear and speak, some of Ryland’s first words were, “I am a boy.”

The Whittingtons said they went and look up to professionals and soon understood that Ryland’s yearning to be a boy was more than just a tomboy phase.


“With phases they just come and go or kids try things on for a little while,” San Diego-based gender therapist Darlene Tando told ABC News. “But with gender identity, when a child is transgender, typically nothing fades in or out. It just really stays the same for a long time.”

The Whittingtons then relented and made the choice to change Ryland’s identity, cutting his hair, speaking to Ryland only as “he” and sending a letter to family and friends about the turning change.

Eventually, Ryland himself came out about his young transition at an event last month in the family’s home state of California honoring the Whittington family.

“My name is Ryland Michael Whittington,” he said at the 6th annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast in San Diego. “I’m a transgender kid. I am six. I am a cool kid.”

“I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life,” Ryland said at the breakfast. “Thank you to my parents.”



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