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Adult Brand Comes Up With The Perfect Solution For Long-Distance Relationships

If you are thinking that China’s automatic sperm extractors being introduced in their hospitals is already weird and crazy, this one’s the craziest! Today, a brand of adult toys, launched another innovation which according to their official website, ‘ is the ideal companion for iPad® and adult toys users alike.’ Apparently in development since 2012,  this male adult toy mogul’s all-new LaunchPAD is a case for the iPad that doubles as a adult toy, a case that lets you attach any of their assorted fake orifices to the back of your iPad. The manufacturer said the product is compatible with the iPad 2 and the iPad Third and Fourth Generation models.

Facetime or Skype with a special person or partner or you can even get down to your favorite website. The possibilities are truly endless with this partnership. Just make sure that you already locked the door before doing anything with that toy. Just a reminder, beware of anonymous people putting you at risk to an offence.

If you want to know more about LaunchPAD, check out this advertisement:

Shoppers can buy the LaunchPAD for $24.95 direct from the manufacturer and add-on a smartphone leg strap for $30 that will hold an iPhone or android device with a screen up to 5.5-inches.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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