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10 Things that Make any Girl Smile

A girl is created different from a man, our opposite, our missing half, the one thing that in time completes that empty part of us.

Girls can be moody at times, easily hurt, demanding, loves to throw things at you when mad, but deep inside they are soft, gentle creatures, fragile like the most precious gems one could ever know. The most beautiful part of a girl is her smile, radiant and warm, as you were staring at that gleeful mug right in front of you, teasing you like a cute fur ball you cannot help yourself to be taken by the mood she’s making, and that’s one of the best feeling few do found for real.

Here are the top ten things that brings out that captivating arc of lips of the daughters of eve:

Girl flirting and listening

ATTENTION: Girls don’t need much, just listen to her when she’s saying something, don’t get distracted and look away or else she’ll feel that you have no interest at all and she’s just yabbing in vain, because your attention makes her feel important, we all do.

Women need compliment

COMPLIMENT HER: It may be considered as flirting but I prefer to call it honest observation, whenever you see something new about her looks, the way she moves, complement it, it’s because she did it to impress you, and you noticing it was a mission success for her.


A WARM TIGHT HUG: All girls need someone beside them to support them, because in the back of that strong look of a girl is a weak emotion, easily stirred and offended, and a warm tight snug gives them strength, provides reassurance that everything will be just fine, and that there will always be someone standing by their side.

tickle time

CHILD GAMES: Girls are a little childish, they are playful always full of energy, there are times when out of the blue they will begin to tease you, then tickle your stomach, throw something at your face then laughs it all out, and like any child they are happy to have a playmate who understand and just go along with whatever ruckus they come up with.


A PERSONAL BUDDY-DIARY: They love to share; they don’t like keeping bad feelings unspoken. They like someone who understand their dilemma and what they are going through, it’s almost like they need someone to side with them, they need to feel that they are the ones who is right, that they did nothing wrong to deserve something like that (which sometimes they really do deserve it they just won’t admit it)at all. After they took it all out of their chest they’ll feel comfortable the weight disappears, and ready to laugh again.

blow w

SWEET LITTLE KISSES: Yes, they say a kiss makes a girl blush and leave them floating in the stars for seconds, but a regular kiss seems a little too serious and awkward. Giving her a peck in the tip of her nose, then to her cheeks, side to side, up to her eyes, then her forehead, in her neck then repeating it over and over again will leave her breathless, drown in her giggles!


SWEET NOTIONS: There’s a saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through her stomach, but ever wonder where the girl’s is? the best way to a girls heart is not through her eyes, but through her ears, for girls are easily convince with words, although this sometimes were the reason why they are cheated often, telling her that she has the most beautiful eyes and the most captivating smile will leave her smiling through the day.


CRUSH CONFESSION: It is very rare for a girl to admit her feelings to a guy no matter how much she admires him she just keeps it to herself until he confessed first, and her reaction? You can only guess it alright guys.


WILL YOU MARRY ME? Every girls dream words, that one day someone will come to take their hand towards the aisle knell in front of the altar and tie their bonds with the promises of love and faithfulness in sickness and health in front of the almighty god.


A PROUD FAMILY: No matter what happens there’s nothing more important to a girl than her family, girls have a big heart for their parents and siblings and their greatest and sweetest smile comes when there’s a love that holds their family together.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

A PROUD Mangyan, registered nurse, blogger, adventurer, a son, a friend, wishes to be a father someday. Blogger from

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