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‘Nakakasakal na relasyon:’ “Just love him but don’t own him” says a netizen

‘Nakakasakal na relasyon:’ “Just love him but don’t own him” says a netizen

  • In a shout-out post, Kim shared his advice for persons showing over-possessiveness towards their partners
  • Most twitter netizens got triggered by the conversation, showing the suitor of Kim’s friend’s dominant behavior
  • Kim was given much support by netizens who shared the same thoughts as him for dissenting over possessiveness

In a relationship, it is natural for both partners to care and protect each other. But how can you be sure that your protectiveness does not lead to a controlling manner or over-possessiveness?

If left unresolved, it can be an impairment to having a healthy relationship.

On April 17, a Twitter user named Kim shared his conversation with his friend’s suitor. His post gained 70 retweets and 295 likes, as it brought noise to Twitter users.

The conversation have made some netizens triggered by the displayed behavior of the suitor, Karurosu.

“He sounds crazy, violent even. Alam mo yung mala crazy ex, turned stalker yung vibes, considering hindi pa pala sila. Iba ang overprotective sa pagiging possessive. The moment na nabanggit nya yung “friends with benefits,” it’s no longer about “safety,” selfishness na niya yun.”

“opxx. immature alert hahahah. di nya ata alam yung private life and the fact na nanliligaw palang sya. the nerve though.”

Some commentators have been also prompted to share their experiences pertaining to the matter.

“Iba iba siguro ang pwedeng treatment pero sana hindi sya nangaway. My experience with one of my exes eh masyado akong tiwala ayun nakikipaglandian na pala sa iba – tapos lumalabas ako pa ang controlling kahit hindi ko sya pinagbabawalan sa mga bagay na gusto nya.”

“Omg i remember, i try to remind him abt something and ung gf nya yung nag-reply. Like wtf, nanay nya daw ba ako or what. kung anu-ano na sinabi sakin! HAHAHAHA”

Concurrent to this conversation was his advice for having a possessive partner/suitor hoping to be heeded by persons experiencing the miserable situation.

“SHOUTOUT SA MGA NAKAKASAKAL SA PARTNER/NILILIGAWAN NILA: Wag niyo naman sakalin yung tao. Wag niyong iparamdam na hawak niyo siya sa leeg. If you love a someone, just love him but don’t own him. Wag mong pigilan sa gustong gawin. Be his motivation, not his to-do-list.”

Most of the netizens have shared their sympathy for his shout-out post by their overflowing comments, showing their opposition for those who were being over-possessive persons.