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Edgar Allan Guzman recalls being a backup dancer to Joross Gamboa

Edgar Allan Guzman recalls being a backup dancer to Joross Gamboa

  • Edgar Allan Guzman shares ‘Backup Dancer turned Co-Lead Star’ Story
  • Edgar Allan Guzman and Joross Gamboa is excited about ‘Deadma Walking’

EA’s humble beginnings

Edgar Allan Guzman, without a doubt, is one of the most well-rounded male celebrities in his generation. He can sing, he can dance, and he can definitely act.

Often dubbed as ‘EA’, Edgar recalled his humble beginnings as one of Joross Gamboa‘s backup dancers back in the day.

“Yung pakiramdam naman na dati, backup dancer lang ako ni Joross tapos ngayon bida kami sa isang pelikula, hindi ko ‘to ine-expect,” the Your Face Sounds Familiar former cast said. “Pero kung baga, ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam,” he continued.

As the two teamed up for Deadma Walking, the competition arises as they have to go up against some of the big films included in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 (MMFF).

The two, later on, shrugged the hearsays about them getting intimidated by their competitors. They are confident with what they have done and being on the roster of MMFF prestige productions was more than enough.

Watch Deadma Walking’s trailer here.


This is the movie to watch this #MMFF2017!DEADMA WALKING opens Dec 25 in PH cinemas.

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Will there be a love scene in “Deadma Walking”?

Will there be a love scene in “Deadma Walking”?

  • Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Cruz on love scene in ‘Deadma Walking’
  • ‘Deadma Walking’ competes with festival veterans in MMFF 2017

The question arises as two of the most promising actors we have now, Edgar Allan Cruz and Joross Gamboa, are set to star in the upcoming gay comedy-drama film, Deadma Walking. Will there be a love scene in the movie?

We have seen both EA and Joross nail a gay role, but never in the same screen together. And just like that, T-Rex Entertainment and OctoArts Films have collaborated for the gay film of 2017! ‘Deadma Walking’ is set to banner its sass in the upcoming 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival–going up against the festival veterans.

Possible love scenes?

Unfortunately, EA and Joross’ characters are friends, siblings almost. They share a platonic relationship and they like to keep it that way. However, the two artists shared their insights in making a gay love scene in the future.

EA was first to answer by saying, “Kung may phisicality na magaganap, para sa akin, dun ako mahihirapan.”

Joross playfully asked EA kung puson to puson lang, will he agree? “Okay, pwede pang kaskasin yun,” the two just laughed out the idea.

“Siguro, in time. Pero hindi pa ako ready talaga eh kung may i-offer man sakin. Sa ngayon, ang hirap pang tanggapin,” EA said. “Pero siguro kaya naman. In time, kailangan ko lang ng time,” he ended.

Joross, on the other hand, was firm to say no. “Ngayon pa lang, no. Hindi ko na magagawa ‘yun.”

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