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Cong TV and Viy Cortez anticipate wedding with excitement

Their wedding, eagerly anticipated by their devoted fans and supporters across social media platforms, promises to be a celebration of enduring love and a testament to their journey as a couple.

YouTube stars Cong TV, known off-camera as Lincoln Velasquez, and Viy Cortez are eagerly looking forward to their upcoming wedding, generating anticipation among their fans for what promises to be a grand ceremony and reception.

The excitement was palpable as Cong TV recently shared snippets of their prenuptial photo shoot on Instagram, which took place at a scenic beach location captured by Nice Print Photo. The renowned photography and video company showcased the couple’s love story in a heartwarming video posted across their official social media channels.

In the video, titled “Wherever, whenever, through all seasons & the weather — @thecongtv & @viycortez show us that one thing will always remain constant: their love.,” fans were invited to watch the full prenuptial video on Cong TV’s YouTube channel. The hashtag #PerfectCongViynation underscored the excitement leading up to their wedding day.

The prenuptial video not only featured picturesque scenes from their shoot but also captured candid moments of the couple discussing their eagerness and joy as they approach their wedding day.

“Kaunti na lang tapos wala nang piglasan ito,” Cong TV humorously remarked in the video, reflecting on his proposal to Viy and the journey leading up to this milestone.


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The video also revealed playful banter between the couple, recalling Viy’s teasing about proposing before he had obtained the necessary identification required for marriage documents.

Additionally, the video showcased intimate moments where they shared their heartfelt reasons for choosing each other. Viy expressed admiration for Cong’s wisdom and thoughtfulness, highlighting the qualities that initially drew her to him.

Amidst the candid exchanges and touching moments, the video featured nostalgic clips from their years together, including Cong’s romantic gestures such as surprising Viy with flowers using his vintage motorcycle to pick her up from work.


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Reflecting on their relationship, Viy expressed confidence in their future together, appreciating Cong’s guidance and unwavering support throughout their journey.

Cong and Viy, widely recognized for their roles in Team Payaman on YouTube, have been together for nearly a decade. Their family expanded last year with the arrival of their first child, Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez (Kidlat), born in July 2022.

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