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Not wearing underwear while at home is being suggested this summer

Summer Health Tip for Women: Consider Skipping Underwear While at Home

As the summer heat intensifies, former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary and current Iloilo 1st District Representative, Janette Garin, offers a surprising piece of advice for women: don’t wear panties while at home to stay cool and fresh.

Garin, known for her expertise in public health, suggests that women can forgo wearing underwear, especially when indoors during the sweltering summer months. She emphasizes that this recommendation is purely for comfort and hygiene purposes.

During a recent media conference on April 1, Garin explained, “Lalo na sa tag-init, wala lang malisya no, pero kung nasa bahay ka lang naman or matutulog, it’s quite advisable na walang underwear pero naka-pajama ka naman or naka-shorts.”

The congresswoman further elaborated that allowing airflow to sensitive areas can help prevent various types of fungal infections, which are exacerbated by excessive sweating in hot weather conditions.

Garin clarified that fungal infections are not sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), assuring women that there is no cause for alarm. Instead, these infections are typically caused by the warm and moist environment created by excessive sweating.

“Kapag medyo basa, napapawisan, at medyo mainit ‘yung panahon, eh ‘yan ay perfect petri dish para dumami ‘yung ating fungi, kaya siya nagiging makati,” Garin explained.

In addition to her unconventional advice, Garin provided other tips to beat the summer heat, including staying hydrated, allowing fresh air into the home by opening windows, and opting for light, breathable clothing.

While some may find Garin’s suggestion unexpected, it underscores the importance of staying comfortable and healthy during the scorching summer months. As temperatures rise, individuals are encouraged to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses and maintain overall well-being.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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