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Sandara Park opens up about career “burnout” and promises fans she won’t give up

Sandara also discussed her vision for the future of her music and singing career.

South Korean idol Sandara Park recently opened up about experiencing “burnout” in her career, expressing concerns about the challenges she faces in maintaining the same level of performance as before.

In a candid interview with fellow Korean artist Eric Nam on the ‘Daebak Show’ by Dive Studios, Sandara shared her worries, citing the increased competition from younger artists in the industry and the difficulty in choosing which music to perform.

Sandara acknowledged that during her time in a group, she received strong support from her company, but she now faces uncertainties about showcasing the same quality in her solo career. The singer and actress emphasized her current mental exhaustion, distinct from physical concerns.

Despite the challenges, Sandara made a heartfelt promise to her fans, stating, “I am not giving up for my fans.”

This commitment reflects her dedication to those who have continuously supported her throughout her career.

Sandara also discussed her vision for the future of her music and singing career. She expressed a desire to present a darker and sexier side in her upcoming album while incorporating elements of charisma. Sandara revealed that a fortune teller recognized the charisma in her eyes, influencing her decision to explore a different persona in her music.

The interview delved into the performer’s unique stage presence, with Sandara explaining that a different side of her emerges when she steps onto the stage. She described herself as a quiet, shy, and calm person in her everyday life but transforms into a more assertive and energetic figure during performances.

Sandara Park’s openness about her struggles and determination to evolve in her career resonates with fans who continue to admire her versatility, positive spirit, and dedication to her craft.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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