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The lucky and unlucky stars in the “Year of the Rabbit” according to Feng Shui Queen, Marites Allen

Feng Shui queen, Marites Allen, hinted at a few exciting things to look forward to next year.

The renowned Feng Shui master gave an exciting preview of her annual Feng Shui updates happening on December 17 and 18, during her Golden Zodiac launch last November 28.

Feng Shui queen, Marites Allen, is yet to hold her webinar on December 17 and 18. However, she hinted at a few exciting things to look forward to next year. Titled “Hop, Skip, and Jump in the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023”, the webinar sees Allen as she officially unravels her annual Feng Shui Updates for the upcoming Year of the Water Rabbit.

Allen predicts that 2023, the “Year of the Water Rabbit” will be soberer than the Year of the Tiger. “There could be a truce in war-torn countries, and governments could agree on some international alliances and coordination, rather than engaging in any more fights…”, she noted.

Patrons who have already secured tickets for Allen’s annual Feng Shui Updates will have the chance to learn specifics about their luck and fortune next year.  However, during the Manila House press conference in Taguig, some general forecasts for the coming year were already given by  Allen.

She addressed those born in the year of the horse or rat…mayaman kayo this year (you will have a lot of money this year). She also described the Year of the Water Rabbit as the year for …reconciliation, reconnection or anything favorable to the affairs of the heart,”.  She said the year is good for those planning to build a family or expand the family with a new member—a new baby, that is.

Allen gave a specific warning to patriarchs who are born in the year of the dog, ox, or boar, as they may face significant challenges in 2023 and in the next 20 years. She described the period as one where women take the reins. “You have to follow women…,” she advised his male audiences.

As aforementioned, Allen congratulated those born in the year of the horse or rat, who have the wealth and prosperity stars, respectively. Those born in the year of the sheep or monkey have the victory star, which means 2023 may be a great year to try winning at something.

Dragons and Snakes have to mind their temper in 2023. “..maiinitin ang mga ulo ng mga dragons at snakes,” she warned.

For those born in the year of the rabbit, meanwhile, she cautioned them as they carry the ‘illness star’. Tigers and Oxes, have to be wary of a potential robbery. If you are born in the year id the dog or boar, extra caution is needed as you carry the misfortune star.

Allen put extra emphasis on feng shui as merely a guide to navigating the incoming year. She advised and reminded her followers to still cling to, and in fact, prioritize praying.

“We do a lot of prayers. We do a lot of hard work. We can not just rely on feng shui, “ she said.

For those who want to join Allen’s upcoming Feng Shui updates on December 17 and 18, they can call 0920-9509390 for inquiries.

Follow Marites Allen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her official website shop at or For inquiries, call 0920 9509390.

Written by JE C.C.

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