Are you depressed? Different signs and symptoms of those ‘clinically depressed’

Self-blame and guilt are the main reasons why people commit suicide

It is common for people to say that they are depressed when in fact they are just really sad, but what really are the signs and symptoms of somebody who is clinically depressed?

Psychiatrist Dr. Jerome Go laid out common things that happen to a person who is clinically depressed on DZMM’s “Good Vibes“.

There are many symptoms that a clinically depressed person experiences, but these symptoms have to be present for at least two weeks for them to be diagnosed. This is usually the criteria for most doctors.

“Hindi siya panandalian lang… karaniwan ang aming limit ay at least two weeks na persistent ‘yong symptoms,”

The most common symptoms include always feeling lonely.

“Laging malungkot. Most times of the day, depressed mood, mababa ‘yong pakiramdam.”

Clinically depressed individuals can oftentimes be anhedonic, which means that they are unable to feel pleasure. These people avoid doing the things they used to love doing because of the depression they are experiencing.

“Nawawala ng gana sa mga dati nilang kinagigiliwang bagay. Dati mahilig siyang maglaro pero ngayon nagkukulong na lang.”

Clinically depressed people also see an alteration in their sleeping patterns or sleep overall. These people can either be asleep throughout the day or they find it difficult to go to sleep.

“Puwedeng tulog nang tulog, puwedeng hindi natutulog,”

Loss of appetite is also very common in clinically depressed individuals, but it can also go the other way as the same type of people will binge on food as a coping mechanism for their depression.

Depression can progress to the worst level of all and that is guilt and self-blame which eventually leads to suicide.

Medications and psychotherapy are the best things to get into when one is suffering from severe depression. Psychiatrists teach these people how to cope with their situation.

“We talk to our patients. Napakahalaga na maunawaan natin kung ano ba iyong dahilan ng kanilang depresyon.”

It is also important to note that depression can occur even without a definitive reason.

“Minsan ang depression ay nangyayari kahit na walang dahilan.”

WebMD has also laid out other signs and symptoms of those clinically depressed.

Those who are suffering can have a very hard time making big decisions and may feel like they are useless. Feeling tired all the time is also shared by most depressed people.

Depressed people usually feel hopeless, and are also very pessimistic, thinking things will not get better anytime soon. Digestive problems may also be experienced, along with headaches and cramps.

Without treatment, suicide will most likely happen. One of the biggest warning signs would be that a depressed person is always talking about death and dying. They can also do things that are very risky that could lead to death, a good example would be running through a red light.

People are good at hiding what they are feeling inside, and when someone who is depressed immediately changes their mood from crappy to happy, then this is a sign that something bad is happening or might happen.

Another sign is that they are doing estate planning and looking to see who are the beneficiaries. This only means that they are ready to leave, permanently. They might also visit friends and family members more often.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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