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Honesty goes a long way: A young man is rewarded for returning a case full of gadgets

Nichol Tagudin, a 20-year old man from Guimaras, was rewarded ₱11,000 worth of presents and has been offered a job for returning a pelican case full of belongings to its rightful owners 6 days after the case was declared missing.

According to a Facebook post by Giff Atienza, his son Ethan, was jet skiing when his pelican case, that consisted of an iPhone, a powerbank, and other items, fell into the water in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental on the 14th of April.

Both the father and the son admitted that they have already accepted the fact that there is no chance of them retrieving their belongings, but the young man Nichol made sure that was not the case.

The father and son were surprised when they were contacted about getting back their pelican case. From Bacolod, they went to Guimaras to retrieve their stuff.

Giff, was impressed by Nichol’s gesture and hoped that he will continue being a good example for the youth because he was able to resist the temptation of stealing.

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Posted by Giff Atienza on Friday, April 19, 2019

According to Nichol, he and his father were fishing in the middle of the sea when he spotted the case floating around.

Nichol Tagudin just graduated BS in Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology, and was currently looking for a job, but he does not need to look for one anymore since Giff offered him one, along with ₱11,000 worth of rewards.

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