Caught in the act! An Egyptian man harasses Filipina inside the bus

  • An Egyptian man was caught on video inappropriately touching a Filipina’s arm
  • The Filipina whacks the Egyptian man’s hand as retribution for the harassment in the bus
  • Punishment for sexual harassment in Kuwait can lead up to 10 years imprisonment

An overseas working Filipina rode a bus in Kuwait when she was inappropriately touched by a foreign man sitting at the back, and it was all captured in a video footage.

In a Facebook video posted by Cristelle, a man sitting at her back can be seen and his hand appears to be touching her left arm. The complainant  hit the man after the unfitting act and was made to leave by the bus driver, even if the man was not at his destination yet.

According to the video’s caption, it was an Egyptian man who touched Cristelle’s arm. Many netizens lauded her act of fast retaliation by spanking the man’s hand away from her arm.

There have been various reports of sexual harassment in Kuwait’s public spaces where non-foreign and foreign women suffer on a daily basis.

Article 192 of the Kuwaiti penal code states:

  • Any person that sexually harasses another without hate, threats or deceit shall be punished by up to 10 years of imprisonment.
  • If the victim is related to the harasser, or is under his/her upbringing (e.g. uncle, aunt, teacher, domestic worker so on), then he/she shall be punished by up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Former Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Villa shared back in 2016 that there were 300 reported cases of sexual harassment and 90 percent of the ‘victims’ were domestic workers. These were figures based on the statistics issued by the country’s Ministry of Interior.

The video on Facebook has since been deleted by the original uploader.

Written by Moneeze Bernardo

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