MMDA apprehend at least 17 people for littering as stern “reminder” to everyone who are stubborn

  • MMDA on stricter policy regarding littering
  • The MMDA was able to apprehend at least 17 people for littering within 7 days. Now let that be a stern “reminder” to everyone who dares to be hard-headed and stubborn
  • Teen gets 8 hours community service for throwing ice candy plastic along Manila Bay

Manila Bay is now Instagram-worthy, again! Thanks to the restoration that the government has initiated. The once-beautiful tourist spot has a long way to go.

However, the government needs to re-educate citizens from further polluting its waters.

While rehabilitation was still ongoing, some people went back to littering the now clean Manila Bay. So what better way to re-educate these people but by tough love. The MMDA is now stern on reminding citizens to stop littering.

Recently, a teenager was caught throwing an ice candy plastic along Manila Bay.

Though his punishment was not grave enough, the teenager received a reprimand and a penalty from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for littering. MMDA Manila Bay Cleanup Operations head Alfredo Andres announced that they have already deployed at least 30 anti-littering enforcers to patrol the Manila Bay.

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LOOK | Pinag-community service ng MMDA ang isang binatilyo matapos mahuling nagtapon ng balat ng ice candy sa Manila Bay. | via Jen Calimon

Posted by News5 on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Written by dailypedia

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