Plucking Hair from Your Nose can be Bad

  • The nose is a part of and area called “The Triangle of Death” wherein the span from our nose to the corners of the mouth contain blood vessels.
  • When you pluck hair out of your nose, it risks of damaging a vessel and follicles.

Most of us think that the random hair in our bodies are kind of annoying and unattractive. This results to plucking or shaving them off. We also tend to view it as unhygienic and unpleasant to the eyes.

Waxing, shaving, or plucking may be okay for some parts of the body, in others, like the nose part can be extremely dangerous.

It turns out to be a BIG NO as it can actually lead to sudden death. Yes, an immediate loss of life.

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The face has something called “The Triangle of Death”. It contains the area of many arterial and venous vessels. The said triangle starts from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

As dramatic as the name may sound, it actually implies that plucking hair out of your nose may damage a vessel and the follicle becomes vulnerable and accessible to many deadly and dangerous microbes. Aside from that, the hair also filter out unpleasant scents and dust.

It is advised that you call your doctor immediately if ever you feel like you’ve injured your nose.

Aside from plucking hair out of your nose, other dangerous decisions includes popping pimples in the said area.

Written by J M

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