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This Guy suffering from “confidence-killer” Psoriasis has an advice to share

  • Facebook netizen Nathan Perez shared heartwarming experience about being diagnosed  with Psoriasis
  • Nathan imparted tips and advice to those people suffering his disease as well

“Psoriasis is a total confidence killer.”

This is how Facebook user Nathan Perez describe what his current condition does to him. It was in 2011 when he got diagnosed with Psoriasis, the same time that his career was at a peak. Since then, he did not just start battling his disease but also the emotional pain it caused his ego.

Nathan’s work environment requires various exposure to the public as he is an Events Host. On his viral post entitled “#PSORIASIS AND THE SOCIAL SCARS THAT NEVER HEAL,” he shared a striking incident he encountered two years ago that totally hit his core.

He wrote, “It’s just one of the hundreds of moments that I needed to explain about my condition. That it’s not contagious nor airborne. That it is expensive and it requires understanding. That it is not curable but can be easily moderated. That the uneducated reaction from people is even severe than having Psoriasis.”

Thankfully, aside from the judging eyes, Nathan had a very understanding support system. His friends, family, and skin doctors tirelessly remind him that he can surpass his disease’s demands.

“I am now in a position tasked to do television works. And being in front of the camera is sometimes inevitable. I will never forget my derma’s remark when she saw me one time on TV: ‘yung mga lumait ba sa balat mo, nakasali na sila sa commercial ever? Look at you. You’re more than blessed.'”

10 tips for the diagnosed

In an exclusive conversation with Nathan himself, Dailypedia asked what message he could send to his fellow diagnosed in order to get by with this “confidence-killer.”

Nathan came up with a ten-step advice:

1. Be in a good company of people.

2. Manage time. Manage stress. Manage life.

3. Spare a certain portion of your income for your skin maintenance.

4. Boost your confidence and learn a lot by listening to people of the same condition.

5. Do the things that you love without hesitation.

6. If people don’t understand you, that isn’t your problem.

7. Be vocal. The more you hide your condition, the more stressful you can become.

8. Feel good about yourself. Beauty and brain is beyond physical.

9. Research. The world-wide-web is filled with so many stories and good reads about Psoriasis. Put it to good use.

10. Listen to your doctor. You don’t just pay them and disregard them afterward. Justify your expenses

Nathan also imparted that having this disease doesn’t mean your end of life. Yes, be ready to be prejudiced and hear insulting names, but never ever give up just because of that. He said that the key to getting past them is to ignore and be patient over their insensitivity.

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Written by Team DailyPedia

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