10 Bad Habits that Steal your Energy

Are you wondering why you’re constantly tired and drained?

Believe it or not, your bad habits could be the culprit behind this unnecessary exhaustion.

While our busy lifestyle may certainly worn us down, our bad habits can actually get the best of us. Get to know what habits you need to get rid off in your life right now.

1. Not keeping your promises

Making promises you can’t keep not only lets people down, it will also destroy your good reputation. So if you can’t stick with your promise, don’t make one.

2. Surrounding yourself with toxic people

In our desire to help people as much as we can, we often end up reaching out to toxic people. As a result, we often get negative vibes and even receiving complaints and rants from them. Toxic people can drain our energy and ruin our day so it’s always best to surround ourselves with positive people.

3. Not paying your bills on time

Don’t you hate it when someone doesn’t pay their debts on time? The same thing applies to paying your bills so make sure to always settle your accounts on time.

4. Refusing to forgive

Living with grudge in our hearts could make us suffer. Instead of refusing to forgive and poisoning yourself with hatred, give yourself peace by forgiving and moving on. This may seem extremely difficult especially if the person doesn’t ask or deserve your forgiveness but this will help you get rid of excess baggage in your life.

5. Not focusing on the things you’re passionate about

There are times in our lives that we have to do things that we don’t enjoy.  If possible, you can delegate these tasks to others and allocate your time in doing what you are really passionate about. In the end, not only will it make you happier, it can also bring out the best in you.

6. Keeping a cluttered space

Rearranging your room or giving your kitchen a make-over can really do wonders. Clutter in our homes and office can block the natural flow of our energy. By clearing out the clutter in your space, you’ll be able to clear your mind, let your life flow and become more productive.

7. Avoiding adversities

Confrontations and adversities are inevitable. While you don’t need to face every single thing that comes along your way, you may need to tackle those that actually impacts your life. You won’t be able to solve a problem just by simply waiting. Face it, confront it, and look for ways to fix it.

8. Neglecting your health

Did you know that people who take care of both their physical and mental health are actually happier? Care for yourself by eating healthy, working out, bonding with the right people and spending time doing what you really love.

9. Not considering timing

There’s a season for everything and a time for every purpose. You don’t always need to act on something if it’s not yet the right time. Take time to really think about it before taking the next steps to avoid failure.

10. Fighting the flow of life

Life is fluid and so you have to go with flow. Fighting it will only waste your time and energy. But don’t just let yourself be carried away by the flow and make sure to be the one navigating your life.

Written by mmalabanan

Mini is a work-at-home mom from Laguna. Aside from writing, she's passionate about breastfeeding and homeschooling.

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