LISTEN: This song reduces anxiety by 65%, according to neuroscientists

With more and more people across the globe reporting episodes of overwhelming anxiety, neuroscientists have come up with a couple of ways to treat it. The use of pharmaceutical drug has become the most popular classic treatment but other techniques such as cognitive therapy, meditation, yoga, massage and other relaxation techniques have been widely used to treat anxiety.

But recently, neuroscientists have discovered a single song that can dramatically reduce anxiety by 65%.

In order to create the ultimate anti-stress music, researchers at Mindlab International in the UK instructed participants to try to solve difficult puzzles, which innately elicits a certain degree of stress. This was done while participants listened to a variety of songs as researchers measured their heart rate, brain activity, rate of breathing and blood pressure through sensors connected to them.

Aside from the 65% reduction of overall anxiety, the song Weightless also caused a 35% drop in their usual physiological resting rates.

The song was created by Marconi Union, who teamed up with sound therapists to arrange rhythm, bass lines and harmonies to slow down the listener’s blood pressure and heart rate as well as to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol.

The song was found to be very effective that many female participants became sleepy while listening to it. Lead researcher Dr. David Lewis- Hodgson has warned not to listen to it during driving.

Listen to the ultimate anti-anxiety song.

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