Man collapses from exhaustion, waiting for girlfriend who never shows up

While he may have been prepared for some rough patches with the 5,000-mile trip from Holland to China, 41-year-old Alexander Cirk, however, was ill-prepared for the turbulence that faced him when he landed at his destination.

Alexander Cirk recovering at a hospital. Photo via
Alexander Cirk recovering at a hospital. Photo via

The Dutch man had met a Chinese girl online. Enamored by the lass, he sought to meet her in the flesh, post haste. The girl, a 26-year-old named Zhang, however was not so keen on the meet-up. She told Chinese news website The Shanghaiist that she and Cirk had agreed that they would wait a year into the relationship before finally meeting. Even when Cirk had sent her photos of his plane tickets, she thought it was all a joke on his part.

So when Cirk arrived at Changsha airport, Zhang was in another province, supposedly undergoing plastic surgery. This, she professes, was also the reason why her phone could not be reached. Undaunted, Cirk waited at the airport for his love. His patience, however, was all in vain. After ten days of waiting, he finally collapsed from physical exhaustion. Cirk was quickly rushed to a hospital to undergo treatment.

Despite the miscommunication. Zhang reportedly is still eager to pursue the relationship. Reports, however, fail to mention if Cirk feels the same.

Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

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