Expert claims exercise is not the best way to lose weight

If you’ve been sweating it out on the treadmill and still not seeing results, there’s a possibility that your weight loss plan might be failing you.

Dr. Corneel Vandelanotte, a physical activity and health expert at Central Queensland University, revealed that exercising is not the best way to lose weight.


In his article for Writing for the Conversation, Vandelanotte explained that losing weight through exercise is hard work since our weight is determined by what we eat and our metabolic rate.

“Our energy balance is determined only to a small extent by how active we are. That means losing weight just by being active is very hard work,” he wrote.

He added that the best way to shed off the pounds is by consuming nutritious, low-calorie food with regular physical activity.

The health expert also dispelled several weight loss myths. For instance, the popular “no pain, no gain” saying isn’t exactly true as several studies have shown that moderate activity is just as beneficial. This means that you don’t need to lift heavy weights and do intense exercise just to be in shape.

Written by mmalabanan

Mini is a work-at-home mom from Laguna. Aside from writing, she's passionate about breastfeeding and homeschooling.

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