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WATCH: Fish attaches itself to a woman’s leg

Brazil. A group of young girls who were on Copacabana beach to welcome the New Year got an unpleasant surprise instead.

As part of the traditional celebration to earn some good luck, they jumped into seven waves to welcome the coming year. However, one of them came out of the water with an unwanted attachment—a fish had stuck itself onto her thigh.

via LiveLeak
via LiveLeak

A video shows how the girl’s companions struggled to remove the fish by grabbing and pulling it, but the stubborn sea creature just wouldn’t let go.

The woman can be heard desperately saying, “Get it off… Just tear it off in one” in Portuguese as blood flowed out from the wound.

via LiveLeak
via LiveLeak

After a few attempts, the creature was finally removed and the wound was covered with a black cloth to stop the bleeding.

The video was originally uploaded on LiveLeak and has received 174,000 views since it was posted.

Featured image via LiveLeak

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