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Five signs that show you’re ‘lovesick’

Lovesickness is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness associated with a failed experience in love. Some people can easily cope with the situation, others need some time to heal the hurt.

Photo Credit: Everydayhealth
Photo Credit: Everydayhealth

The Dailypedia lists down five signs to determine if you’re lovesick. Should you show any of these symptoms, try to reach out to a friend or loved one to help you get through this tough time.

  1. Irritability

Due to the feeling of hopelessness that someone cannot return your affections, there is a tendency for you to have mood swings and to be irritable.

2. Isolation

You separate yourself from rest of the world and you feel no one understands you anymore. Nothing interests you and just want to stay in your room, crying and reminiscing alone.

3. Insomia

You experience difficulty in trying to fall asleep, tossing and turning all night while your mind is filled with memories of the past. 

4. Increase or loss of appetite

Since you are mentally preoccupied, you either eat without control or you tend to miss meals.

5. Hoarding and stalking

You hold on to things accumulated throughout the relationship of no significant value because you just can’t bear the thought of throwing it away. You stalk your ex through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s a sure sign you haven’t moved on.

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