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VIDEO: Playgirls give lewd performance at Liberal Party event

The controversial video of the girl group Playgirls twerking with Liberal Party (LP) candidates has been making the rounds on social media. The lewd performance, according to the emcee of the said LP event stated that it was Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Secretary Francis Tolentino’s gift to Congressman Benjie Agarao who also celebrated his birthday during the oath-taking event.

Rappler reports, however, that Tolentino denies that he was responsible for bringing the Playgirls to the event. He said, it was just a coincidence that the Playgirls arrived at the same time he arrived in the event. He also claimed that the emcee must have been misinformed.

In a separate report, the Playgirls claimed that Tolentino hired them to perform during his brother’s campaign in 2013. They also mentioned the other LP members whom they campaigned for and who won in the 2013 elections.

Photo Credit: Playgirls Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Playgirls Facebook Page


Photo Credit: Playgirls Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Playgirls Facebook Page

However, the Playgirls’ said that they were only invited by a “booker” named Joanne to perform for Agarao’s birthday celebration. They also found nothing wrong with their performance as it was the same act they do whenever they perform.

Nothing wrong

Meanwhile, Agarao said that he did not find anything malicious with the Playgirls’ performance. He also insisted that the event had already become a “private” one after the oath taking of the official LP candidates. He also compared the event to a “stag party” where the groom gets to open a box with a “surprise.” However, he also apologized to anyone who was offended by the performance.

Watch the raw video of Playgirls’ performance here:

On a final note, LP Presidential candidate Mar Roxas stated that the party will conduct an investigation into the incident.“Ikinalulungkot kong nangyari ito, at nagsasagawa na ang Partido Liberal ng mas malalim na pagsisiyasat sa ugat ng pangyayari, “Roxas stated.
(I am saddened by this incident and the Liberal Party will conduct further investigation into these events.)

LP is the political party of President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino III.


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