Mother cleans son’s ear and flicks the wax on the floor of a public train

Most of us agree that personal hygiene maintenance such as picking your nose, flossing your teeth, and removing  irritating blackheads should be done in private. But there are some who do not feel to spare others from seeing their personal grooming in public places.

One example is this mother from Singapore who, even if she had good intentions of keeping her son’s ear clean, was actually unaware the people around her are being appalled by the scene.

According to the passenger who took the photos, she was disgusted to see that the woman was actually digging into her child’s ear with an ear pick while inside a public train.

via SingaporeSeen
via SingaporeSeen

She also described how the mother just flicked the ear wax onto the floor after she was done.

“What would have happened if the train were to jerk or suddenly stop?” the passenger said.

via SingaporeSeen
via SingaporeSeen

Netizens shared their two cents about the incident. One said there’s no rule that says “no digging of ear wax and flicking on floor.” Another reader also commented that it’s a sign of very poor upbringing.

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Feature image via SingaporeSeen

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