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10 Foods that you can still eat past their expiration date

In this day and age, we want to maximize every peso’s worth. We want to buy food items that will last us for a very long time, that why we regularly check the expiration dates.

What happens, though, if you somehow forget about these dates and you find yourself faced with a pantry full of past due items?

Don’t fret, The Dailypedia has compiled a list of 10 food items you can still eat even after that EXP date.

1. Eggs

Can be consumed up to five weeks after expiration date

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When we buy eggs from the local market, sometimes there are no expiration dates. If so, just do the float test. If you put an egg in a bowl of water and it floats, it means gases have built up in the shell, and it’s not safe to eat. If it sinks, you’re good to go.

2. Chocolate

Can be consumed up to two years after expiration date

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Chocolate rarely spoils. The taste, though, changes after its expiration date. It can still be consumed, but it is better off to be used in dessert recipes instead.

3. Pasta

Can be consumed up to one year after expiration date

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Dried pasta like hard elbow macaronis and pennes don’t have water in them, so they can be used up to a year.

4. Cheese

Depends on the kind, if they’re hard or soft cheeses

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Hard cheeses like Monterey Jack and cheddar can be consumed up to 10 months. For soft cheeses such as mozzarella, they can be consumed up to 10 days. Even when there molds, cheeses can actually still be consumed. In fact, some cheeses actually get more flavor as time passes by.

5. Bread

Can be consumed a few days after expiration date

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Stale bread can be eaten as is or used in recipes like bread pudding (in fact, these recipes actually prefer stale bread). Just do a sniff test. If it doesn’t smell spoiled or sour, it’s still good, even with molds on it.

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