Doctors graft man’s hand to his leg to stop it from ‘dying’


A man from Hunan Province had his severed hand successfully restored to his arm after doctors successfully grafted it to his leg.

Zhou, who lost his left hand during a work accident in Xiangtan City, underwent the groundbreaking operation conducted by surgeons in Xiangya Hospital. The surgeons made the decision to graft the severed hand to his leg to ensure a blood supply and keep it alive for a month.


However, the surgeons had to allow Zhou’s nerves and tendons to heal.

Dr. Tang Juyu, one of Zhou’s surgeons, explained: “In normal temperatures, a severed finger should resume blood supply within 10 hours. The time is even shorter for a separated limb. If it falls short of blood for long, the tissues dies and it would be impossible to get it back.”

Zhou’s hand was reattached to his arm in another operation which lasted for 10 hours. He has regained some movement in his fingers.

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