Isabelle Daza talks about her role in her first upcoming Kapamilya teleserye, Nathaniel

ABS-CBN Kapamilya’s newest actress Isabelle Daza is officially joining Nathaniel in Primetime Bida. Nathaniel will be replacing Dream Dad soon.

Isabelle Daza is ready to take her first serious drama series alongside with Gerald Anderson and Shaina Magdayao with Marco Masa as Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is a story of an angel sent back to earth to fulfill one mission to restore man’s faith in God and remind them the goodness that they can find in everyone’s heart. It is an inspiring story. Isabelle Daza is very excited to portray her role as a lawyer who will fall in love with Gerald Anderson.


I’m excited to be part of this teleserye because my co-actors have such great talent and I don’t want to be left behind. I want to be better and to work harder to prove myself as an actress, said Isabelle.

Isabelle added TV viewers should watch this beautiful and inspiring story of ‘Nathaniel’ because kids and families will learn a lot of valuable life lessons in the series.

However, during the blogger’s conference held last Tuesday, she said that she hopes to work with good actresses and actors of Kapamilya like Piolo Pascual and proud to be a Kapamilya now.

She also added that her dream role involves as a woman a man loves and she is also looking forward to do crazy acting like a bipolar or a psycho.

According to her, she gets good advices from her mom, Gloria Diaz, to really become a good actress. She joked that she is receiving a lot of unsolicited advice from her mom like she have to do her best and she needs to leave a mark in her career in the industry.

She does believe in angels, like Nathaniel because from was a childhood experience when she was out biking in a farm and she lost control. Instead of hitting a tree, she believed she was saved by an angel because she came out fine, bruises-free.

She had her 5-day intensive acting workshop so she invested her time and a lot of effort to make sure she can act and give justice to her role as the “kontrabida” role in Nathaniel.


Belle told during the conference that she also believes in angel like Nathaniel because of personal experience when she had an accident when she was young while she was out biking in a farm and she lost control. Instead of hitting a tree, she came out fine, bruises-free and believed it was because of an angel.

She was also told that she needs to express her emotions through her eyes and said that when she did he MMK stint, she lost her emotions and wasn’t able to act properly and out of fears because of one director who shouted at her, she was able to deliver her lines so spontaneous.

She also wants to explore her talent by doing ASAP stints and hosting.

Meanwhile, she is ready to portray different characters given to her.

Nathaniel will be her first drama teleserye and will replace Dream Dad in ABS-CBN’s Primetime bida this April.

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