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Woman who went blind as child, SEES AGAIN after banging head on table

Lisa Reid, 38, has been blind since she was a child – but she can now see again after accidentally banging her head on the coffee table. The miracle was even more endearing because of the fact that she was leaning to kiss her guide dog when she banged her head on the table.

She was not born blind. When she was 11, a tumor growing inside her head pressed on her optic nerves, causing her to lose her sense of sight. This did not deter Lisa, who grew up as normally as possible, with the help of her family and guide dogs.

Photo credit: Blind Foundation NZ/Mirror UK
Photo credit: Blind Foundation NZ/Mirror UK

It was only some weeks ago when she regained her sight, thanks to the bump on her head. Lisa is still legally blind and goes out on walks with her guide dog, but said she feels amazing that she regained her sight through the dog.

I can’t really find words to describe how it felt – amazing, fantastic!

You can imagine not being able to see and then you can, you can’t really describe that.

To see the world again visually is a gift!

It’s the little things. Like the colour of the grass, how blue the sky is – the things we all take for granted.

She shared her story, not only because it is unique but also as an inspiration to other people with disability – that miracles still happen, even when you least expect them to occur. She lost her sight 14 years ago; she had learned to live with it and had no hope that she would be able to see again, yet here she is now, someone who has regained her sight in the totally unexpected way.

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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