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WATCH: Shocked Traveler Discovers 20 WORMS Living Under His Skin After Trip to Africa

After working for 6 months in Africa, a man came back home complaining of red pimple-like welts on his shoulders and abdomen. The welts were very itchy, so Mr. Ma from Guangzhou in China thought he was having an acne/pimple outbreak.

The pimples were also painful to touch, leaving Mr. Ma in constant discomfort for over 2 weeks.

When he could no longer stand the itchiness and pain, he went to a local doctor who prescribed medication – but the symptoms did not go away.

Photo credit: Petruss/Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Petruss/Wikimedia Commons

It was a dermatologist who discovered the real reason behind the red pimples all over his body.

The Creepy, Wriggling Worms

The dermatologist told Mr. Ma that the pimples were actually breathing tubes for the worms living under his skin! It was a good thing he did not try to pop the pimples or else he would have been too shocked to find the wriggling maggots living under his skin!

He quickly underwent surgery to remove the parasites from his body – shocked that at least 20 live worms were taken out from under his skin.

These worms were identified as African tumbu fly maggots which were known to live and feed off human flesh in the same way Mr. Ma experienced!

Uh-oh. I wouldn’t want to go to Africa after reading this!

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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