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WATCH: ‘Naruto’ Bids Goodbye After 15 Years of Fresh Weekly Episodes

The 15-year continuous run of the ‘Naruto’ manga series is coming to an end this November, with its final episode set to be released in the 50th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump on November 10, 2014.

With only just a few more episodes left for Naruto, anime fans are scrambling to get their hands on various Naruto-related merchandise, including magazine of the Weekly Shonen Jump where a chapter of the anime series is printed every week.

The manga series is not the only one featured on the weekly anime anthology. In fact, Naruto debuted on the magazine’s 43rd issue back 1999. Considered to be among the best and most popular anime series ever created and released, Naruto inspired many spin-offs.

Creators of the manga series have also released separate ‘tankobons’ which are separate books about Naruto yet filled with stories and adventures that are not essentially part of the original series. Around 70 of these tankobons were released for Naruto – and as you probably have guessed, most are best-sellers in their own right.

Naruto, A Wonderful Anime Series

Fans have been following Naruto’s adventures and quest to become the Hokage, the strongest ninja who would become the leader of the village. Naruto Uzumaki began the adventures as an adolescent, slowly growing up to be a man.

Photo credit: dattebayo61
Photo credit: dattebayo61

Written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, the series was well-received by anime fans. Soon enough, a TV series was created – this is the same series that later reached the Philippines; it gained popularity among children and adolescents alike.

The series has gained recognition across various media. At the Third UStv Awards in the Philippines, the manga series’ anime adaptation received the “Best Full-Length Animation Program Award” for a couple of years.

Endless Adventures

For 15 years, Naruto fans continued to follow his adventures and quests; though many are wondering when these endless adventures would end. You could just imagine how old the once adolescent boy would now be, a decade and a half after his adventures first began.

Photo credit: wphim
Photo credit: wphim

To date, he still hasn’t become the Hokage, much to the disappointment of fans. With only around 4 episodes left before the grand finale, however, fans are hoping to see him recognized as the Hokage. Many of them not only believe that Naruto deserves to be the Hokage, they also think that this is the most fitting finale because his quest to become one has always been the premise right from the start.

Still, there really is no telling whether Kishimoto would listen to fan voices and give them what they expected. There’s always this chance that he would simply end the series with Naruto just being the full-fledged warrior that he is or might even kill him in the last episode!

Fans are definitely waiting for November 10 to come, to see whether there was any fruition to Naruto’s 15 years of ruling the anime world.

Watch the trailer of The Last Naruto Movie:

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