Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) Calls for Book Lovers to Come to the Longest-Running Book Fair in the Country

Bookworms should mark their calendars for the upcoming event of Manila International Book Fair on September 17 to 21, 2014.  The fair will be held at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia complex, Pasay City from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Readers can expect a wide range of books from the classics, bestsellers, textbooks to graphic novels and educational materials.  It is an event of the year for book lovers since it is open to people of all ages.

MIBF started from events for the publishing industry and the academe to the 35th book fair this year which is the biggest in the country.  Not only people will get to explore on variety of books but it is also an event for the much awaited book launches and signings, dialogues with readers, contests, etc.  It is also a venue for people who are in the publishing and academic industry meeting up for discussion.


Tight Budget?

Great deals await for people who are low on budget; books came from different publishers and exhibitors around the country and be surprised how low they can go.

Got all your favorite books?

Not to worry because you can get new ones with all of the book  launches scheduled on those dates.  If you are not planning to buy anything, the event offers a number of conferences to join in on topics of your preference.  It is a variety to choose from such as technology in classrooms, health, children’s literature, journalism, online shops, family life and marketing.  A lot of activities to participate in are available which include quiz bee competitions, interactive displays, dialogues and self-development through workshops.

Not really a book lover?

Aside from numerous fields people can choose from like book signing or launches, activities and conferences, anime lovers can come to see their favorite characters through costume play wherein international cosplayers are expected to attend this event. Otakus get to watch special concerts listening to Japanese songs of their favorite anime.

Who to bring along?

It is the perfect time to call friends or bring the whole family to scout and go through this maze of books. Parents can bring their children since there will be storytelling sessions, art workshops, contests, inter-school quizzes and robotic demonstrations which would keep them entertained. Being alone is also not a problem since it opens opportunities to meet people grabbing the same book as yours.

Written by dailypedia

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