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DIY: 10 Pinoy Pop Culture icons you can impersonate for Halloween

8. Senyora Santibañez

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Known as the queen of all kontrabidas, Senyora Santibañez “mataray” and “matapobre” memes are all over the internet and the Facebook page has more than a million followers so it’s highly unlikely that people won’t recognize who you are if you choose to go as her. Senyora Santibañez has short red hair and wears 90s outfits, particularly a sleeveless plaid top. If you find yourself at a loss for that particular outfit, no worries! Just go through your mom’s or tita’s closet, for sure you’ll find some ’90s-style pantsuits in there.

To complete the transformation, make sure you take on Senyora Santibañez’s swag and arrogance all throughout the party.

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